Fibre artist at open farm weekends 11/27-12/19

We welcome a special guest Fibre artist, Emily Myles, to our open holiday weekend event. We will be selling her beautiful hand crafted creations made with alpaca fiber.

Emily creates gorgeous handbags which are wearable works of art. The handbags are made with 5-7 fibers and lined with silk. The handles made using semi- precious stones, pearls, Swarovski crystals as well as natural and glass beads . The bags are each a unique blend of fabric and colors- including Signature bags & clutches. She also has beautiful alpaca knit necklaces & ornaments for sale.

Emily Myles Fibre Art & Design.

Emily Myles

Her products will be available to purchase at all our open store weekends 11/27-12/19 11 am-4 pm

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