Our Herd

Metacomet RI

Metacomet is our newest member of the herd-born September 16th.

He is a bay black male who is healthy & happy.

Blackstone RI

Blackstone is our yearling alpaca-born in July 2018

His Dam is Snowmass Midnight’s Gold and Sire is Double Dee Revelation

He has a beautiful grey fleece and great conformation


Nina won First Place at the Big E Alpaca Fleece Show in 2015! Nina is our smallest alpaca.  Her grandsire is CT Estrada and her great granddam is Snowmass Midnight’s Gold.

Heritage: 1/2 Chilean, 1/2 Peruvian




Name: Nina of Island Alpaca
ARI: 32607574
Sire: Estrada’s IL Tesoro of Island Alpaca
Dam: Estrada’s Nicola of Island Alpaca
Color: Light fawn
Sex: Female/unproven
DOB: August 3, 2013



Katarina & Metacomet

She has a great conformation

She is elegant and calm.

Heritage: 2/8 Chilean, 6/8 Peruvian

Katarina has fine dark fawn fleece.

Name: Estrada’s Katarina of Island Alpaca
ARI: 31995986
Sire: Chase Tavern Estrada
Dam: Skyeview Kristina
Color: Dark fawn
Sex: Female/proven
DOB: May 31, 2010



Jolly won second at the National Champions’ Alpaca Fleece Show in 2013!

Jolly is a beautiful bay black female with a wonderful conformation and a great personality.  She is the first to greet us and loves apples.

Heritage: 3/8 Chilean, 5/8 Peruvian


Name: Jolly of Island Alpaca
ARI: 31645959
Sire: IAC Captain Jack
Dam: Skyview Molly
Color: Bay Black
Sex: Female/proven
DOB: May 20,2009


Destiny has a good looking top-knot

She loves to cool off in the pool when it is hot and always the first at the gate ready to escape.

Heritage: Full Peruvian

Name: Estrada’s Destiny of Island Alpaca
ARI: 32755756
Sire: Chace Tavern Estrada
Dam: Desni D652 AOA
Color: Medium fawn
Sex: Female/unproven
DOB: July 23, 2012




Eve won First Place at the 2013 Alpacapalooza Spin-Off!

Eve is our largest alpaca who produces a lot of fleece which is a light fawn.

Eve is extremely alert and is always the first to spot any danger with her alarm call.

Heritage: 2/8 Chilean, 6/8 Peruvian

Name: Estrada’s Eve of Island Alpaca
ARI: 31995979
Sire: Chase Tavern Estrada
Dam: Snowmass Midnight’s Gold
Color: Light Fawn
Sex: Female/unproven
DOB: May 23, 2010



Name: Acorn Alpaca Ranch(AAR) Reverb’s Andromeda
ARI: 32666328
Sire: Glen Ridge Salud’s Reverberation
Dam: AAR Normandy’s Augustina
Color: white
Sex: female
DOB: September 16, 2013



Name: Acorn Alpaca Ranch Normandy’s Velocity
ARI: 30356412
Sire: SA Peruvian Normandy
Dam: AAR Vanessa’s Viva
Color: Dark Brown
Sex: female
DOB: October 16, 2005



Name: Acorn Alpaca Ranch Madonna
ARI: 31114813
Sire: MFI Peruvian Champion
Dam: AAR Madeline
Color: Medium brown
Sex: female
DOB: June 25, 2008



Name: JRH Sienna
ARI: 32167825
Sire: Snowmass Nova
Dam: JRH Summer
Color: True Black
Sex: female
DOB: October 26, 2010



Handsome males




Name: Acorn Alpaca Ranch Reverb’s Thor
ARI: 32666373
Sire: Glen Ridge Salud’s Reverberation
Dam: AAR Normandy’s Augustina
Color: Dark Brown
Sex: male
DOB: June 14, 2015




Name: Acorn Alpaca Ranch Shadow’s Kellogg
ARI: 32666380
Sire: A Paca Fn’s Black Shadow
Dam: AAR Nova’s Special Kay
Color: Medium Brown
Sex: male
DOB: May 25, 2015
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